This is Onur.
I've been buying and selling side projects for the last 10 years. And I created this email newsletter to share profitable side projects that are on sale with you.

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I regularly visit forums and marketplaces to find websites, apps and domain names. This is my daily routine and also how I make living.

In the newsletter, I will list links to side projects on sale. It won't be limited to links alone though, I will also analyze the assets with the help of third party tools such as Ahrefs (costs $99/mo), Semrush ($99/mo), Similarweb($199/mo) and others, and share my own thoughts about potential of the businesses and how it can be monetized further. So that you don't need to spend hours to find and analyze every side project that is on sale on marketplaces.


If you have a side project and are looking for potential buyers, drop me a line.


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